Life is peachy for growers in Kuandian


Premium peaches are completely changing village life in Liaoning's Kuandian Manchu autonomous county.


Province developing into beacon of innovation and technology


Shenyang Hunnan Technology City in Northeast China's Liaoning province, a high-tech hub that kicked off its construction in April, is becoming home to a number of industrial project incubators and scientist workshops.


High-tech zone plays its role in growth, industrial revitalization


Northeast China's Liaoning province is to enhance its innovation capability with the expansion of the Shenyang High-Tech Zone, a national-level industrial development zone in Hunnan district, Shenyang city.


Experimental area discovering better methods of working


The Shenyang area of the China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone is playing a vital role in driving the region's economic growth, providing useful experiences for the revitalization of Northeast China and building a highland for its opening-up to the outside world.

Action plan calls for one hub and four centers in Shenyang


Shenyang has recently released the Shenyang Action Plan for Building a National Central City, clarifying the functional positioning of "one hub and four centers", namely the modern comprehensive hub, the advanced manufacturing center, the comprehensive national science center, the regional financial center and the regional cultural and creative center.

Medical SOE helps Shanghai in COVID-19 fight with TCM playing vital role


Facing the resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai, State-owned medical enterprises are sparing no efforts to help the metropolis' residents get back on track to normal life as soon as possible.

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