Action plan calls for one hub and four centers in Shenyang

By YUAN SHENGGAO | (China Daily Global) | Updated : 2022-05-30

Manufacturing, science, finance and culture are all emphasized

Shenyang has recently released the Shenyang Action Plan for Building a National Central City, clarifying the functional positioning of "one hub and four centers", namely the modern comprehensive hub, the advanced manufacturing center, the comprehensive national science center, the regional financial center and the regional cultural and creative center.

Wang Xinwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Committee of the Communist Party of China and secretary of the CPC Shenyang, said that future goals include achieving a total economic volume of more than 1 trillion yuan, a general public budget revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan and a population surpassing 10 million people.

By 2035, Shenyang will be built into a central city with international influence. "We must seize the historic opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, adhere to scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, give full play to the agglomeration and radiation of urban groups, industrial synergy and the effect of urbanization, jointly build 'one hub and four centers', and make every effort to promote Shenyang's development," Wang said.

The construction of a national central city is of great significance to the healthy and sustainable development of the country's macro-regions and the promotion of internationalization, industrialization, urbanization and informatization.

Shenyang's construction as a national central city is a key measure to thoroughly implement China's plans on the revitalization and development of Northeast China, integrate Shenyang into the new development pattern and enhance openness and cooperation.

It plays a greater role in the overall situation of the entire province and the country.

National central cities are regional economic agglomerations and windows and gateways to enhance opening-up to the outside world and participation in international competition.

They also play a leading role in boosting regional cooperation and common prosperity.

The important strategic nodes of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle and the Bohai Rim Economic Circle are the economic agglomeration of the Northeast China and the driving force for social development.

Shenyang is at a stage where challenges and opportunities coexist.

It is necessary to take digital empowerment as the starting point to vigorously promote industrial transformation and drive urban transformation and social transformation.

The city aims to take innovation as the primary driving force for revitalization and development, adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of modernization and achieve connotative growth.

By 2025, the added value of the digital economy will account for 48 percent of the city's GDP, setting an example for the whole province in building a digital Liaoning and a strong province with intelligence.

It also strives to make the manufacturing industry stronger and better, accelerate the pace of digital empowerment, transformation and upgrading, more resolutely take advanced manufacturing as the foundation of the market, develop and expand the real economy and build a national advanced manufacturing industry center.

The city will foster and strengthen "new brands" to vigorously improve the basic capabilities of the industry and the level of modernization of the industrial chain.

It will also promote the manufacturing industry. The industrial chain and value chain are moving toward the high end.

By 2025, the average annual increase of industrial added value will be more than 7 percent, setting an example for the entire province in solving the problem of "new brands".

Shenyang is also accelerating the development of the modern service industry, cultivating multilevel capital markets and promoting the integrated development of finance and the real economy.

By 2025, the added value of the financial industry will account for 9 percent of the regional GDP.


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