The southernmost of the three provinces in NE China


Liaoning province, which is called "Liao" for short, is the southernmost of the three provinces in Northeast China. Liaoning has the largest provincial economy in Northeast China. It registered a GDP of 2.53 trillion yuan ($367 billion) in 2018, an increase of 5.7 percent over the previous year.

Liaoning: 70 years on


Liaoning is an important old industrial base in China with complete industrial categories and systems, especially in the equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, metallurgy, aviation and navigation industries.


Transportation in Liaoning province


Liaoning has a superior location and enjoys convenient transportation.

The 2019 govt work report of Liaoning province


The second session of the 13th Liaoning Provincial People's Congress was held between Jan 16 to Jan 18. The session saw the release of the latest government work report, highlighting the province's achievements over the past year.

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