Subcouncil promotes business links

By YIN RUOWEI | (China Daily Global) | Updated : 2022-10-17

The Shenyang subcouncil of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade has made notable progress in connecting Shenyang, Liaoning province and the world, and promoting international exchanges over the past decade.

This remark was made by Shi Baoye, head of the Shenyang subcouncil. He said that the subcouncil has launched a great number of events to deepen trade relations with regions and countries across the globe.

For instance, the Shenyang subcouncil has held the China (Shenyang) World Congress of Robotics for six consecutive years, attracting three Nobel Prize winners and more than 200 experts and industrial leaders in robotics at home and abroad in total.

The subcouncil has helped to trade specialty products of Shenyang in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. It has so far signed 108 cooperation agreements with business associations in 49 regions and countries.

"We have been playing a big role in preventing economic and trade frictions, providing legal services, organizing training courses and releasing economic and trade information," Shi said.

This year, the subcouncil has been stepping up efforts to refine Shenyang's business environment and help enterprises to seize new opportunities.

It has introduced Shenyang's industrial parks to overseas economic and trade organizations, institutional representatives and investment agencies based in Liaoning, and helped attract companies with new energy projects to register in the parks.

It has established close ties with the East Siberian chamber of commerce and industry, which introduced local agricultural product producers, food and beverage makers and chemical manufacturers to supply their products directly to 10 Shenyang-based enterprises.

The support offered by the subcouncil reaches further. For example, when many Japanese-funded enterprises in Shenyang encountered problems related to infrastructure, environment and recruitment, the subcouncil worked with 10 governmental sectors to address these problems in a timely manner. It also carried out fast customs clearance for General Electric Company.

Since March, it has offered factual proofs related to force majeure issues to enterprises, whose products would have been exported to Russia and Romania, to minimize their losses. It has provided various consulting services for export-oriented enterprises more than 200 times and opened channels to assist major foreign companies with customs clearance.

"Since the agreement of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership came into effect on Jan 1. We have written a 10,000-word articles around this topic to give enterprises guidance on how to make full use of dividends of the RCEP. We have also conducted related training online and offline and issued more than 3,000 licenses to more than 200 foreign enterprises," Shi said.

To answer the city's call for collaboration with Dalian, another city in Liaoning, the subcouncil has contacted the Consular Office of Japan in Dalian and the office of the Argentine Santa Fe foreign trade association in Dalian.

The latter was invited to Shenyang to learn about Shenyang's robotics, drone and automobile manufacturing industries, and offered suggestions on how to satisfy the needs of the South American market.

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