Updated ECA Of CISS starts new semester

Updated : 2021-08-05

On August 4th, CISS’s (Canadian International school of Shenyang) Third ECA International Club was launched. In the new academic year, the International Club will continue to provide 18 free ECA courses, covering a wide range of fields and disciplines, to students.


CISS ECA International Club was founded in 2019, with the support of Dr. Francis Pang, chairman of the board. Madam Duan Yuna, CISS executive director and president of the CISS International Club, led the school's Chinese and foreign teachers to provide free ECA courses to students, winning the trust and support of students and parents.


In the three years since its establishment, the International Club has become a major brand of CISS, not only contributing to the comprehensive improvement of students' abilities, but also expanding the influence of CISS in foreign institutions and among foreigners in Shenyang and Liaoning, and attracting more students to study at the school.


All courses of the CISS ECA International Club are provided to students free of charge, and are designed and taught by CISS senior teachers. The courses aim to complement and extend the IB programs, and provide students with more opportunities to obtain specialties and practices in society. The courses have been well received by students and parents.


With the start of the new semester at CISS, the third ECA International Club will be launched accordingly. The new ECA will provide students with more targeted and rich content, so that students can feel the fun of seeking knowledge and expand their abilities after intense learning. The courses include STEM courses that integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, Chinese character writing and Chinese debate competitions, library reading, journalism, paint by numbers, 3D design and creation, programming, visual arts, mini chef, pop bands, dance, golf, football, Lego and more.

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