Day and night fun on theme park in Shenyang

Updated : 2021-04-29

In order to let numerous tourists enjoy a relaxed and happy holiday, Shenyang Fantawild Adventure, a theme park, offered its attractions such as “Hot Air Balloon Show” and “Firework Display” from May 1st to 5th.


Hot Air Balloon Show kicks off in Fantawild

The Montgolfier brothers, French paper producers, invented the hot air balloon in the 18th century. During the development of science and technology, hot air balloon has become a public event without the limitation of place. The International Aeronautical Federation also listed hot air balloons as the safest aircraft.

There are four hot air balloons, with a height of 8.8 meters and a diameter of 7 meters, in the park, various beautiful hot air balloons match the gorgeous and romantic cartoon castle, attract visitors’ attention.

Exciting airmodelling aerobatics performances will also open during the hot air balloon show. A professional aviation model flight performance team, composed of champion pilots, operates over one hundred performance aircrafts including dozens of models soaring into the sky.

Furthermore, numerous performs, such as the “Boonie Bears Show”, “Clown Funny Show” and “Joy Story”, will also stage during the Labor Day.


Classic activities held in Fantawild

Visitors could take the “Fantawild Flight” to experience an 8-minute flight over China and enjoy the magnificent journey with rivers and mountains. The world-class VR project “Sky Sailor” combines the dome-screen movie player screen, suspended seat system and various special effects, together with the magnificent movie screen, inviting people to experience flying in the sky.


The large-scale AR Theater performance written by Pu Sungling, Liao Zhai (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio), displays the unrelenting love between people and ghosts, allowing visitors to immerse themselves thoroughly. “Mysterious River Valley”will also held during this holiday.


Splendid Night Shows in Fantawild

Firework shows will also display during the vacation. As night falls, lights in theme park invite tourists enjoy a new romantic night tour. Together with music and light, the hot air balloons will slowly lift off. The beautiful fireworks and the lighting castle bring visitors in a dreamlike fairy tale world.


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