CISS awarded as one of "2020 Best International Schools of China "

Updated : 2021-04-08

Canadian International School of Shenyang (CISS) wins honor again! On April 8, CISS is awarded as one of the top 50 international schools in China in the "2020 (1st) Best International Schools of China”. On the same day, the organizing committee held a grand press conference and award ceremony in Beijing. Dr. Francis Pang, chairman of the board of CISS, attended the ceremony and delivered an acceptance speech. Madam Duan Yun A, executive director of CISS, and Ms. Patricia Larrondo, acting principal of CISS attended the ceremony.


The selection of "2020 (1st) Best International Schools of China" is jointly held by the organizing committee of the High School Principals Forum, the International Education Research Center of Yale University, Sina, Netease, Phoenix, Xinhua and more than 10 domestic media outlets. In recent years, with China's economic development and cultural opening up, the number of overseas students studying in the mainland has increased significantly, and gradually shows a trend of younger age. As another choice of basic education, the high-quality teaching level of international education in the mainland, the international curriculum and all-English teaching are more and more popular among parents. The organizer said that the selection activity was held to spread, showcase and praise international schools with brands and strength in China, at the same time, promote the development of international education in China and provide the necessary reference for parents to choose international schools.


According to relevant introduction, this activity has lasted for a year, the research covered more than half of China, adopting "school reputation", "teaching performance", "school scale", "course system", "faculty resources", "environment and facilities", "culture and alumni resources" seven big index and nine small indicators. The organizer sincerely invited independent international schools and international departments of public schools in China for participation, through multiples stages, such as data transmission platform building, research target confirmation, public data, third-party data survey, school invitation, experts’ opinions, and media measurement and so on. In the end, the 50 best international schools are selected from more than 1000 international schools. Among the 50 best international schools, CISS is the only international school from Shenyang to be selected among the top 50.


Canadian International School of Shenyang (CISS) is the first international school in Northeast China established by the internationally renowned Canada AKD International Education Inc. (AKD). It is also a school that fills the gap in the development of international education in Liaoning province. AKD Group has been cooperating with the Chinese government in international education for more than 20 years. AKD Group has built nearly 30 international schools and Concord Colleges in more than 20 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Guangdong, Anhui, Guizhou, Hunan, Shandong, Gansu and Liaoning, with nearly 10,000 alumni, and its educational level has been recognized by all sectors of society. The honor for CISS this time is also a full recognition of the educational level of all the international schools of AKD Group.

Founded in 2017, CISS is a 15-year school with the fundamental purpose of cultivating high-quality international talents with all-round development. CISS welcomes the children of foreign nationals, green card holders and people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who are investing and doing business in Liaoning, so that they can fully enjoy high-quality international education. After the establishment of the school, it only takes over one year to pass multiple rounds of strict IBO reviews and becomes the 34th in China and the first IB Continuum World School in Liaoning province, further expanding its leading advantage in China, especially in the field of international education in Liaoning province.


Dr. Francis Pang, chairman of board of CISS, said in his speech at the award ceremony that it is our philosophy to cultivate our students to become future world leaders with global vision and environmental awareness. To this end, we have selected and recruited highly qualified teachers from around the world to provide students with the best quality of international education. To this end, against the backdrop of the global pandemic this year, our teachers have been staying at the school, providing online classes and summer extracurricular activities for students, so that students not be affected by the epidemic and get all-round training and improvement. These efforts have won the high recognition of all students and parents. While other international schools in Shenyang are losing students, the number of CISS students has doubled in the new academic year, further establishing the school's good reputation among foreigners in Shenyang and Liaoning.

According to Dr. Francis Pang, quality international education not only benefits the many children of foreign nationals in China, but also contributes greatly to the process of internationalization and economic and social development of a region. It is an honor and responsibility to be selected as one of the best international schools in China. We will take this opportunity to move forward and make CISS the No.1 brand of international education in Liaoning and even Northeast China with our efforts, so as to provide more children with the opportunity of quality education and lead them to a better future!

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