Jobs to be created in bid to boost livelihoods

(China Daily Global) | Updated : 2021-03-30

Liaoning province has pledged to achieve high-quality employment and enhance social welfare in a bid to improve people's livelihoods, according to the province's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25).

By the end of 2025, more than 2.1 million new jobs should be created in urban areas. The unemployment rate in the province should be about 5.5 percent and there should be 1.5 million vocational training courses provided to its residents.

The number of people to receive pension benefits as urban enterprise employees, as governmental body staff members, receive unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance in the province should reach 18.64 million, 2.13 million, 6.65 million and 8.1 million respectively. Also, the number of social security cardholders should reach 39.4 million.

An aging population is predicted in the province located in Northeast China. As a result, the local administration is facing pressure to deal with the issues of employment and social welfare.

To this end, the local government said they will thoroughly implement the proposals of the provincial Party committee, adhere to the result-oriented working method and focus on people's livelihoods, to make it possible to enhance people's sense of gain, happiness and safety.

According to the local government, "helping 60,000 people with difficulties in finding jobs" is one of the key tasks of its working goal this year.

People with employment difficulties are mainly older and those who lack physical capacity or working skills, said Ma Jian, an official from Liaoning Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

"They face heavy family and economic burdens and greater difficulty in finding jobs. Therefore, we should make efforts to create more jobs for those people, provide multichannel employment and support flexible working models, improve the quality of employment assistance and carry out more vocational training," Ma said.

The government should encourage self-employment or part-time work, especially through e-commerce platforms and online live broadcast, so as to diversify the human resource market and cultivate a good environment for self-employment, Ma added.

The major goal set out in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) has been accomplished with many fruitful results in the province, according to government official.

With the implementation of multiple employment policies, the province has created a total of 2.29 million new jobs in urban areas, exceeding the target of 2 million. The unemployment rate has been maintained within a reasonable range.

Wu Yong contributed to this story.

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