Dr. Francis Pang inspects Canadian International School of Shenyang

(Canadian International School of Shenyang) | Updated : 2020-11-23


Fresh air in Shenyang after snow on Nov. 20, laughter and joy filled the campus of Canadian International School of Shenyang (CISS). Dr. Francis Pang, chairman of the Board of AKD International INC (AKD), chairman of the Board of CISS, and Mr. Douglas K. Prescott, general principal of four international schools under AKD Group, came to CISS to inspect and guide the work.


Dr. Pang talked with teachers and students in every classroom, reviewed the education and teaching quality of each phase of studying, understood the development situation of CISS in Shenyang and gave full affirmation to the work of CISS. In the first half of this year, he said, “Teachers have been working hard to ensure that students were able to complete IB courses through video and online teaching, allowing students to study at home, when the school was unable to open on schedule. In such a special year, the normal teaching work of CISS was not affected, and it is also highly praised by students and parents. The popularity and reputation of CISS got further enhanced among foreigners and foreign-funded institutions are inseparable from your hard work. On behalf of AKD Group, I would like to thank you all!”

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Dr. Pang said “Next, the group plans to apply the advanced technology of artificial intelligence to all of its international schools, so that all of you can share resources online and teach together online and in the classroom according to actual needs. Students and teachers will enjoy interactive high - end education. Just as we introduced the smart board 15 years ago, we believe that this time we will take the lead in education and teaching and make more achievements again!”

CISS is not only the one that fills the gap in the development of international education but also the first IBO authorized world school with all three programs in Liaoning province. CIS Shenyang does not only offer a complete IB education from kindergarten to the end of DP, but it also takes care of the well-being, human development, and social skill training of our students.

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