Shenyang Fantawild Adventure

Updated : 2020-10-26

The largest fourth generation theme parks in Shenbei new area, Shenyang Fantawild Adventure covers 50 hectares and was built with world-class concepts and first-class technologies by Shenzhen Huaqiang Group -- to offer a complete interactive science fiction experience. Comparable to the most advanced theme parks in Western countries, Shenyang Fantawild Adventure is popularly known as the “Oriental Dream Paradise” and “Asian Science Magic”.

The entire park is mainly based on high-tech interactive activities and incorporates a large number of Chinese characteristics, including more than 300 themed projects, recreational projects, as well as leisure and landscape projects, suitable for visitors of all ages.

Hemispheric Screen Theater With Dynamic Seats simulates a space journey through a 3D film shown in a full dome theater like experience a real visual treat. Based on an optical imaging concept integrating "real shape" and "Phantom" technology, AR Performance greatly enhance the telling of the tale. There are also many fantastic amusement events wait for you.

Fantawild has always endeavored to become a "world-class joy creator" with original creative designs and innovative technology. It could also offer a day of fun, games and shows for all vistors. Fantawild, find yourself braver here!



Phone: 400-166-0006

Address: No 55 Shengjing Street, Shenbei new area, Shenyang

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