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Shenyang Jianguo Hidden Hotel

Updated : 2020-10-26


Shenyang Jianguo Hidden Hotel – a only Muslim hotel in Shenyang opening in July 2020, which is management by Beijing Jianguo Hotel Management Company. Hotel include 228 rooms with different styles, include Chinese, Han and Tang dynasty as the theme. Advocating green environmental protection, hidden in the city, return to the real business philosophy, to provide you with jade-like quality services.

The hotel has Jinlan Xuan halal restaurant to creative halal dishes, total has 12 different sizes of dining rooms. At the same time, the hotel is equipped with a number of large, medium and small meeting rooms, two 1100 flat high-hollow ballroom, to meet your different categories needs. The ballroom is equipped with p2.5 high-density full-color Ultra HD LED large screen and the country's first-class audio equipment, the screen is clearly comparable to the home 4K TV.

Hotel advantages: adjacent to metro line 1 development avenue station, A mouth out is the parking lot, the hotel is equivalent to build on the subway. The only Muslim hotel with dining, guest rooms, banquets and conference functions.

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