Cui Fenglin

Updated : 2019-11-13


Cui Fenglin, Vice Governor of Liaoning province


Taking charge of the work of industry and information technology, State-owned enterprises reform and development, civil affairs, ecological environment, retired military affairs, civil air defense, and communications.

In charge of the Liaoning provincial department of industry and information technology (national defense science and technology industry office), civil affairs department, ecological environment department, retired military affairs department, Liaoning State-owned assets supervision and administration commission, civil air defense department, advanced equipment manufacturing base engineering center, major technical equipment strategic base engineering center, and national new raw material base engineering center.

Responsible for liaison with the Liaoning Provincial disabled persons' federation, communications administration, gold administration, tobacco monopoly bureau, enterprises of power grid, energy, iron and steel, petrochemicals, and communications, Northeast China supervision bureau of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Northeast China nuclear and radiation safety supervision station of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and national marine environmental monitoring center.

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