Errenzhuan (Northeast Song and Dance Duet)

(Global Times) | Updated : 2019-11-05

Errenzhuan (Northeast Song and Dance Duet) is a kind of well-known form of folk art. The traditional name that is used is "Bengbeng", describing the dancing and singing with contrasting music. It uses the sound of the northeast with hip-hop performances.

It was generally believed that in the mid-Qing Dynasty, the "Bengbeng" was evolved from a folk dance called dong bei da yang ge and folk songs called lian hua lao, a kind of ballad. It absorbed foreign music and performance skills of Northeast folk songs, peaceful drums, bass drums and other sister arts in the Northeast during its development. Its melody is very rich.

The Errenzhuan popular star Xiao Shenyang (real name: Shen He) who was born in Tieling city of Liaoning Province became a representative actor of Errenzhuan performances after his wonderful performance with his Master Zhao Benshan in the yearly CCTV Spring Festival Gala of 2009.

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