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Laobian Dumplings

Updated : 2019-11-05

Laobian Dumplings, 老边饺子, laobianjiaozi


Laobian Dumplings creator Bian Fu came to Shenyang from Hebei province in 1829. From a small stall near Xiaojin Bridge called Majiazi, Bian began selling freshly made dumplings, adopting the name Laobian Dumplings. By 1870, Bian Fu's son, Bian Degui, had followed in his father's footsteps and improved the cooking process. After some intensive study and experimentation, Bian Degui changed from the original fried fillings to a mix of fried fillings and soup, making the fillings looser, more tasty and easier to chew, giving Laobian Dumplings a distinctive flavor. From then on, Laobian Dumplings became popular and have remained a well-known food in Shenyang as well as overseas.

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