Liaoning initiates preferential policies to attract foreign talents

Updated : 2019-11-04

Seven policies and measures referring to exit and entry were officially implemented, covering visa, entry and exit, stay and residence, as well as permanent residence, for foreigners in the China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shenyang Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Demonstration Zone.

This will further facilitate overseas high-level talents and stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship in the province.

These policies are applicable to all the pilot free trade zones in Liaoning, including Shenyang, Dalian, Yingkou and Shenyang Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Demonstration Zone. It mainly serves four types of foreign personnel, namely, high-level foreign talents, long-term staff in China, foreign Chinese, and foreign students.

The seven exit and entry policies are aimed precisely at foreign talents that are urgently needed in Liaoning province, and will largely solve the policy bottlenecks and institutional obstacles restricting the province to attract and gather foreign talents.

For foreign technical personnel, management personnel and ordinary foreign personnel with long-term stable jobs in China, it will increase the types of port visas and include them in the application list of five-year residence permits, and lower the application requirements for permanent residence, especially allowing their spouses and minor children to apply with them, so that they can have a stable expectation of staying in China.

Additionally, in response to their strong entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the government also enacted special convenient policies, launching and issuing valid visas for multiple entry and exit within five years and five-year residence permits. The highly educated overseas Chinese may directly apply for permanent residence, at the same time.

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