The southernmost of the three provinces in NE China

Updated : 2019-11-04

Name: Liaoning province

Population: 43,689,000 (2018)

Area: 148,000 square kilometers

Location: south of Northeast China


Liaoning province, which is called "Liao" for short, is the southernmost of the three provinces in Northeast China. Liaoning has the largest provincial economy in Northeast China. It registered a GDP of 2.53 trillion yuan ($367 billion) in 2018, an increase of 5.7 percent over the previous year.

The province's added value in primary industry rose by 3.5 percent. Secondary and tertiary industry increased by 7.5 percent and 4.5 percent respectively. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents soared to 37,342 yuan and 14,656 yuan, growing by 6.7 percent and 6.6 percent respectively.

Retail sales of consumer goods totaled 1.41 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.7 percent.

Imports and exports in 2018 valued at 754.59 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8 percent. Export volume reached 321.49 billion yuan, up 5.7 percent; imports generated 433.1 billion yuan, a growth of 16.8 percent.

The province also saw a 3.7-percent increase in fixed-asset investment.

Administration divisions

Liaoning province governs 14 prefecture-level cities, covering Shenyang, Dalian, Fushun, Benxi, Anshan, Dandong, Jinzhou, Yingkou, Fuxin, Liaoyang, Panjin, Tieling, Chaoyang and Huludao, with Shenyang as its capital.

Sister cities


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