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Wandering in Dalian| Spring Festival Goods Fair

Updated: February 8, 2024

With Spring Festival nearing, the festive spirit is intensifying. Purchasing Spring Festival goods is a top priority for ordinary Chinese families. The Spring Festival Goods Fair on Sanshilipu Street, Jinpu New Area, has been successfully held and concluded on February 4.

The fair featured a diverse range of goods, from seafood to pre-packaged foods, nuts, local specialties, clothing, footwear, fruits, vegetables, and daily necessities. Red couplets added to the festive ambiance. A total of 200 food enterprises participated in the fair, with 70 offering various discounts. The fair aimed at creating a "harmonious, trustworthy, safe, and joyful" venue for Spring Festival goods procurement.

This year's fair integrated product sales, folk performances, and intangible cultural heritage displays, offering a festival spirit to local residents. The fair promoted commercial exchanges during Spring Festival, cultivated new consumption growth drivers, and served as a platform for promoting the culture of southern Liaoning and showcasing Dalian's specialties.