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Ma Yingji(马英骥)

Updated: July 27, 2021


Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jinzhou District Party Committee, and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Deputy Head of the Jinzhou District Government.

Responsible for the administrative work of the Jinpu New Area management committee (the new area's government); responsible for letters and visits, finance and taxation, finance, civil affairs, human resources, social security, emergency management, safety production, earthquake disaster reduction, State-owned asset supervision and management, business environment construction, and charity work.

Supervising the district’s finance bureau, human resources and social security bureau, emergency management bureau, State-owned asset supervision and administration bureau, business environment construction bureau, civil affairs service center, and financial affairs service center.

Maintaining liaison with the departments of taxation, foreign exchange management and finance, as well as the district’s people’s armed forces department and troops stationed in the district.